Confidence - (19-20.11 2009 Warszawa)
Język: polski | english

Nick DePetrillo

Temat: The Power Hungry People

Język: angielski

Nick DePetrillo is a Senior Security Consultant with Industrial Defender working on utility and power plant information security. Most recently he has been researching Smart Grid/AMI security issues and developments. Nick previously worked as a Research and Development Engineer for Aruba networks researching wireless security threats and prototyping new products, he was also a Network Security Engineer for an Internet2 giga-pop.


We all use power, electricity allows us to work, play and keep our food cold. A lot of attention is paid to how we generate that power, trying to make it as clean as possible. Few pay attention to how we manage that power, how we consume it and how we transmit it. A recent trend in the industry is the concept of a “Smart Grid”, an intelligent power grid that can manage the generation and consumption of power with the end goal of making a mroe efficient power grid. With this intelligence comes the added complexity of the technology that makes it possible, with added complexity there is more potential for security issues.This talk will explore those security issues and how they can affect both consumers (you) and the utilities themselves.