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Michael “theprez98″ Schearer

Temat: Pen Testing the Web with Firefox

Język: angielski

Michael Schearer (”theprez98″) spent nearly nine years in the United States Navy and now works as a government contractor in central Maryland. He is a contributor to several Syngress books, including Penetration Tester’s Open Source Toolkit (Volume 2), Netcat Power Tools and Kismet Hacking. Michael is a licensed amateur radio operator, an active member of the Netstumbler, DEFCON, and Remote Exploit forums, a football coach, and father of four. Talk experience: 2 DEFCON’s, 3 Shmoocon’s, 1 HOPE, 1 HackCon, other small regional groups and conferences


Hacking the Web has never been easier. Whether you’re using Firefox as a stand-alone tool for information gathering, modifying your browser with innovative extensions, or using Firefox as a web front-end for other penetration testing tools, you can hack all within the potentially anonymous cozy confines of your customized browser. Putting it all together brings your hack-foo one step further. DNS lookups, uptime reports, hosted hash crakers and online scanners are at your browser’s fingertips. With Firefox’s innovative add-on feature, a number of powerful extensions have been developed for security scanning, ethical hacking, penetration testing and general security auditing. Finally, a number of penetration testing applications are built specifically with web-based front-ends. Add in a few recommendations for your setup and a few places to test your hacking skills, and your recipe for hack soup is complete.