Confidence - (19-20.11 2009 Warszawa)
Język: polski | english

Leonardo NVE Egea

Temat: Playing in a Satellite environment 1.2

Język: angielski

Senior security auditor and trainer interested in computer security since 1996,working as consultant and auditor from 2000, 2002. I managed several research on various security technologies such as DOCSIS and Wireless, with various papers published in various Spanish specialized publications.

Also I managed the UnderCON, the first Spanish underground security congress, where I presented the first full-ASCII Shellcode in 2000, other talks was about wifi and phone companies security.


This presentation is a warning call to those responsible for the companies that use or provide data connection (especially the Internet) via satellite, proving some of the attacks that are possible in this environment.

The presentation outline is:

  • Insecurity in Satellite communications.
  • Malicious Active Attacks
  • Getting an anonymous connection
  • Conclusions

The attendees will learn how insecure satellite connections are and why they need a more secure platform for this environment or how we must use secured protocols if we have this tecnology hired.

Also, they will learn how these attacks can be made, including how to get an anonymous satellite connection.

Previously satellite presentations exists, but these are focused only in feeds capturing and a bit in sniffing data, treating this as a passive vulnerability.
I focused my presentation in the active attacks someone can make to the clients and ISP.
This presentation is focused for a high technical attendees.

45 minutes long + Questions.