Confidence - (19-20.11 2009 Warszawa)
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Alessandro Rossetti

Temat: Criminal Investigation Activities in Second Life

Język: angielski

Mr. Alessandro Rossetti, 33 years, lives and works in Rome (Italy) as a Senior Agent of the Italian Financial Police Corps (Guardia di Finanza). Most of his personal interests are into Information Technology, focusing on security and forensic issues. He is a member of several independent organizations, such as Isaca (Boad of Directors of the Rome Chapter), IISFA (Italian Chapter) and IACIS. He also is a core member of the Deft Linux Team.


Second Life is a virtual world where you can commit act considered crime in the real world. just because This virtual world has its own rules, enforced by software and machines. The Avatar and the objects seen on the screen are only the visible part of a code sequence. Moreover the Second Life Virtual World run on an american computer network. The whole service is developed and supplied by Linden Lab and, as it’s stated in the Terms of Service, Linden Lab is not responsible for the content provided (inside the virtual world) by other resources.