Confidence - (19-20.11 2009 Warszawa)
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Speaker Title PDF MP3 AVI
Dragorn, RenderMan Wireless threats; They’re not dead yet! n/a n/a AVI
Jesse Burns Exploratory Android Surgery PDF n/a AVI
Eddie Schwartz Fusing Third Party Threat Feeds to Obtain Better Threat Intelligence n/a n/a AVI
“FX” Felix Lindner Developments in Cisco IOS Forensics n/a n/a AVI
José Parada Gimeno, Chema Alonso How easy SQL Injection bugs defeat the most famous Web vulnerability scanners PDF n/a AVI
Gynvael Coldwind Practical security in computer games PDF n/a AVI
Claudio Criscione The glass cage. Virtualization security PDF n/a AVI
Frank Breedijk AutoNessus: analyzing vulnerability assessment data the easy way… PDF, PDF n/a AVI, AVI
Gareth Heyes XSS Lightsabre techniques using Hackvertor PDF n/a AVI
Leonardo NVE Egea Playing in a Satellite environment 1.2 n/a n/a AVI
Michael “theprez98″ Schearer Pen Testing the Web with Firefox PDF n/a AVI
Pavol Luptak Mifare Classic attacks in practice PDF n/a AVI
Tomasz Kopacz Microsoft SDLC n/a n/a n/a
Elisa Jasinska Power Point Karaoke introduction to the social event n/a n/a AVI
Nadia Heninger Practical information on the “cold boot” attack PDF n/a AVI
Moti Joseph Microsoft patches little sister but forgets big brother PDF n/a AVI
Nick DePetrillo The Power Hungry People PDF n/a AVI
Bernardo Damele, Guido Landi Expanding the control over the operating system from the database PDF n/a n/a
Jacob Appelbaum Tor talk n/a n/a AVI
Przemysław Frasunek Vulnerabilities in FreeBSD Kernel PDF n/a AVI
Łukasz Bromirski How to attack and disrupt enterprise environments – a practical view. n/a n/a AVI
Mario Heiderich JavaScript From Hell PDF n/a n/a
Alessio Penasilico, Raoul Chiesa Frauding telcos: a full history (1980/2009) n/a n/a n/a
Sandro Gauci VoIP security PDF n/a AVI
Raoul Chiesa Underground Economy: why we should be fully-updated on this topic: InfoSec players, Finance world, citiziens PDF n/a n/a