Confidence - (19-20.11 2009 Warszawa)
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CONFidence 2.0 is over…

Months of preparations and selecting best topics for presentations and now the event is over…We’d like to thank all our attendees for being there with us and all of CONFidence sponsors for their support. We’ve started the lectures on Thursday morning but it was not a beginning of the event – groups of people wearing very characteristic T-shirts were seen all over Warsaw the day before;-)

We wanted to announce the results of CSE (CONFidence Security Evangelist) in the beginning of the event, but due to late registration we decided to change our plan for the opening. Thus, we’d like to announce the winners now:


During two days of lectures we talked about various security issues – from web programming, finding bugs in kernel, WiFi security, power plants, satellite transmission to RFID cards (Pavol Luptak collected all RFID card that are being used in Poland and tested their security – he showed that coping Krakow and Warsaw Travel Cards is very easy, at least for him;-)

The first day finished with a great Power Point Karaoke Show that Ela Jasinska and her guests did. After that the crowed moved to a nearby club for the After Party. Partying and talking continued until sunrise. Just like the last year, the second day we welcomed CONFidence attendees with the First Aid Kit (Alka Seltzer and water;-) The second day was very calm and very quiet – speaking loud was forbidden…

Unfortunatelly, the CtF was cancelled. Our friends, who were supposed to prepare that, finally couldn’t come to Warsaw. Next time we will plan back up. However, other cool things were there for you – WII tournament and NfS. Both involved a little bit of excersise and were very fun.

It was the first time at CONFidence when we organized an auctions for Hackers for Charity – Johny Long’s project. What was auctioned? The auction was completely spontaneous, thus we had to work with the things we had there: T-shirts, gadgets and gifts donated by our speakers (many many thanks to Frank Breedijk, who donated a bottle of champagne, Raoul Chiesa for Grappa bottle and Renderman for DVDs with rainbow tables) – thanks to you we collected 321,04 Euro! Raoul Chiesa and Alessio Pennasilico, who were doing the auction, invented hundreds innovative uses of chess board (with our speakers’ signatures, of course). We’d like to thank all attendees who took part in the auction.

Conference slides, videos and audio recordings will be available on CONFidence web page soon. This time, according to our attendees, the lectures were even better than in Krakow. Moreover, CONFidence sponsors did a great job and their speakers’ presentations were very interesting. Don’t forget about next CONFidence in less than a year in Krakow!

Last changes in CONFidence schedule

We’d like to inform that some changes in our schedule were made. Unfortunately, Richard Thieme will not be able to speak at CONFidence because of the flu (it’s not swine flu, hopefully ;) Moreover, Alessandro Rossetti has broken his leg during an Aikido training…It seems that a bad luck is following our speakers, but nonetheless the updated schedule looks very interesting. Check yourself on

Hackers for Charity

Some of you have probably already heard of the program started by Johny Long (those who hasn’t can find out more on Hackers for Charity). The fast growth of the project shows that hackers are not only great security specialists, but also people with big hearts. They are willing to share their knowledge, as well as contribute to organizations that are trying to make a difference in the world. Just like the last year, at CONFidence we will try to help Hackers for Charity and raise money for the organization. You can donate money during our event, a special can will be displayed at the registration desk.

Hackers’ Squad

This time Hackers’ Squad will be located in Oki Doki hostel on Plac Dąbrowskiego 3 (Dąbrowskiego Square) 00-057 Warsaw All the details about the hostel can be found on page

Thera are still some places, so if you want to book a place for yourself, please send an email to

Check your RFID card – Pavol Luptak

Some of you have already heard about an interesting presentation, which will be held during upcoming CONFidence. Among all other lectures, this particular one deserves a special attention due to the huge impact of presented topic on security business, so called a ”big thing”. More than a bilion RFID cards being used all around the world is vurnelable for errors in RFID implementation. And do we hear anything about it in media? No, as usual, they’re silent…

Promo video

If you want to know more about CONFidence conference you should watch short promo-video from previous edition which was created by Tyrel MacMahan. You are all invited!

CONFidence will be held in one month

There are more and more questions on what is going to happen during the CONFidence and why it will be so special. Frist of all, we can say, that this will be a whole week in Warsaw spent on IT security as two days before the CONFidence there will be another conference concerning hacking. However the difference between these two conferences is significant and well known for the polish community, it’s not a place to discuss it. Instead let’s move to the main topic: the CONFidence itself. It is mainly about:

  • Lectures held by famous specialists – most of the topics have already been included in the agenda, but there are more to come any time soon
  • Workshops during the conference – info about 2 is already available on the webpage, but more will be there soon
  • Meetings, discussions and games, which will stay in your memory for long
You are all invited!

CONFidence 2.0 has just began

As we promised during the last CONFidence, we decided to organize one more edition of the event in Warsaw. Why there? Mainly because it is in the center of Poland and it is much easier to get there (especially from the north of Poland). Thus, the next CONFidence will take place on 19-20 November, 2009 in Warsaw. You can answer the CfP now! The schedule will definitely be interesting!